Mollyville: Humble Beginnings (Book 1 in the Mollyville series) – Meet the Olsens

Mollyville: Humble Beginnings (Mollyville Dystopian Fiction series, Book 1) Bjørn, a healing psychopath in the golden years of self-recovery, tries to keep cool despite rotten kids, vindictive ex-girlfriends and a promiscuous wife.


When Bjørn Olsen runs into his wife’s beloved ex-girlfriend at a hotel bar, he makes the terrible mistake of approaching her. He had no idea she’d become so bitter. Before he can pleasantly end the conversation, she starts talking very loudly about his family and his wife’s private life. As the salacious gossip rips through the tightly knit community, Bjørn struggles to maintain his cool, keep his woman and stay in character as things fall apart.

In an isolated valley nestled in a mountain range near the sea, Mollyville thrives in a self-policing, self-sustainable community. It has beaches, cliffs, forests and a system of unknowably vast subterranean caverns that extend beyond sight. Social media is a construct of the past. No emails. No smart phones. No telephones.

The tenet in Mollyville is that ‘Nothing living shall go without love, companionship or care—not a snake, not a tree, not a house—not ever.’ It is a covenant all residents have agreed to uphold on a personal level at all times.

Mollyvillian culture is unique in the way that there’s no formal law enforcement, but rather an integrity-based peacekeeping by way of calling for ‘a recognizing’ when it’s deemed by influential members of the community that the peace and/or safety of Mollyville is threatened. In this instance, a fluctuating, self-assigned faction of residents take on roles of marauders to exact (a sometimes brutal) satisfaction, making a demand of retribution on behalf of the perceived victims or the community at large, and redistributing their wealth to those who are esteemed to be the most deserving under the circumstances, which sometimes but not always results in the deaths of the targets—though, this happens only in the most extreme cases of offense to the community. Mollyvillian culture dictates residents give each other a wide berth, tolerating all but some transgressions in the name of keeping the peace, but as whispers of ‘a recognizing’ bleed through the community, Bjørn begins to fear the Olsens have rocked the boat a little too hard.

Miles away, new arrivals to Mollyville, Janik and Nohl, two dodgy grifters tired of selling ‘sensual massages’ and asking for rooms and food on credit, decide to give up their lives of petty crime, allowing themselves to be mentored in the hopes of making Mollyville their new home. Plateau Nick, a crazy artist who prefers life in the forest, offers them a better way of life, and it looks promising, but they are soon to discover that—just like every other place they’ve been—there will be a price to pay.