The Afterlife Podcast ☂ Episode 04: Manopause

The Afterlife Podcast (artwork) - Afterlife, serialized fiction Written & Read by Maxximillian Dafoe

The AFTERLIFE Podcast ☂ Episode 04: Manopause


Rory Jennings explains male menopause; why he didn’t divorce Jimmy’s mother Janine (even though he wanted to for years), and why trying to convince others of anything is a poor use of time. Jimmy revisits Brazil for a holiday.


Music: Rich Man In The Sky by Otis McDonald


AFTERLIFE, a paranormal satire by Maxximillian Dafoe



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The Afterlife Podcast is a serialized fiction podcast based on the book Afterlife written by Maxximillian Dafoe.


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The Afterlife podcast is a 19 week episodic series that chronicles the afterlife of typical L.A. guy Jimmy Jennings who wakes up dead in Los Angeles only to discover that nothing happens.

There’s no white light, no wormhole to ‘the other side’, no favorite deceased relatives showing up from thin air to greet him.

The setting is Los Angeles, California in the year 2026.

In a modern bachelorette pad in Beverly Hills north of Sunset Boulevard, a newly minted celebrity named Karen struggles to shake off her last self-destructive vice, a no-good friend.

Old friends, past missteps and memories coalesce into an afterlife experience that leaves Karen and Jimmy both wondering just how much of life as we know it is really real, and whether the truth about that is even important.


Afterlife is the second book in the Bedtime Stories for the Intellectually Adventurous series. The telling of this tale employs dark humor and frank language—it is intended for a mature audience.


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