The Award-Nominated AFTERLIFE Paranormal Audio Drama ☂ Start at the beginning … where it all ends.

Episode 01: City of Angels

Welcome to the city where the players play. A logical mind’s eye view of life in Los Angeles. Namely answering the question: Why are there so many assholes?


Music: Rich Man In The Sky by Otis McDonald


AFTERLIFE, a paranormal satire by Maxximillian Dafoe



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The Afterlife Paranormal Satire Audio Drama is an award-nominated audio drama that chronicles the afterlife of Jimmy Jennings who wakes up dead in Los Angeles in 2026 to discover that he's still "here". This irreverent look at life after death is based on the book Afterlife, a paranormal satire. Read the first 7 chapters free (see below) and if you like what you read, consider buying a copy to support the author—that's me!—your financial support makes it possible for me to continue writing stories and creating audio dramas, which I give to the world free. 

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AFTERLIFE, a paranormal satire by Maxximillian Dafoe - Episode 01: City of Angels

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