My most powerful thought today…

“Belief leads to expectation; expectation precedes evidence—believe in the system that you are.”
– T. Maxximillian Dafoe

Say, “Hello.”

Wht hv i cn u n?

So, you are an actress? What have you done?

Fact. If I had one frequent flyer mile for each ten times I heard that phrase, I could fly myself and all the people on the 704 at rush hour to Dubai and back. Twice. First class.

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Modern manners for modern times because what is the use of putting your best foot forward if you’ve got last night’s vomit on your shoe?

Proper etiquette + modern manners = social style
Follow the guidelines. Regulate. Don’t violate.

Ask your questions about How NOT to suck on formspring — you can even ask anonymously.

Do you know How NOT to suck?

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Link me in.

Are you in?

LinkedIn takes your professional network online, giving you access to people, jobs and opportunities like never before. Built upon trusted connections and relationships, LinkedIn has established the world’s largest and most powerful professional network.

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visit my youtube channel.

OMG, did you see this?!

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Formspring me.

Ask me anything.


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do it or i'll kick your ass. that is all.

What? You have insomnia too?

@maxximillian lies awake at night reading twitter.

read salt.

Writers [Un]Block

Escapism that you can afford: a visit to my creative writing site. It’s interactive, as in, YOU can contribute… if you like. Write a story that includes each of the details outlined in the prompts. Just to keep things from getting too heavy, I put a 500 word limit on the story. No story can be over 500 words. Not even by one word. It’s more fun that way. You’ll see. I’ll post the prompts beneath the first story, in the hopes that you will feel inspired to contribute. Remember: A story can be 6 words, if you write it that way.

But you don’t have to begin or end there. Maybe you have some random ideas that would make some interesting prompts. Lemme at ‘em. The wonderful thing about prompts is that they can be, and in fact by nature are, totally random. Leave a post with your prompt ideas as a reply beneath ANY post and I or another writer may choose it/them to compose a story. It can be a single random prompt, a series of single prompts or a group of prompts intended for use together. Don’t be shy.

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Ah Ha Moment

A friend told me recently that I focus too much on love and relationships. I recognized this criticism as the truth, but not knowing immediately the reason behind this complaint, I resolved to let it rest and gave it no further thought than to keep in mind that the reason for this–should it present itself–would be helpful to me, as this comment from my friend was offered in direct response to some complaint from which I was suffering that day.

Just now, that lightbulb went on.

It is love–the closeness of love and the in-loveness of friendship and romantic relationships that gives birth to the feeling that there is meaning at all in my living life (read: a reason for me to bother to be here with all of you).

No life experience that takes place in the absence of feeling-love-for and being-loved-by has any value otherwise. Not to me.

It hasn’t to do with self-worth; I can see the many ways in which I am valuable to other people.

Unhappiness for me is unfeeling.

“Pretend like you don’t care… Suck it up and move on… Be more thick skinned….” I cannot walk and breathe free behaving in those ways. At least, I cannot carry on that way for any length of time. Those methods, though tried and true on the surface, are problematic to me; they don’t help. Sure, it may look like I’m handling things well pretending not to care but it I can’t ever truly feel better or forget. That constant pretending takes up valuable battery life–it’s like having 20 apps open and running in the background of your iPhone–ineffective for long journeys, to say the least.

When I feel hurt and don’t want to hurt anymore, I feel blocked. Suffocated. Strangled with the anguish of unrequited love. Broken with the emotional suffering that comes with neglect. Calls unanswered, texts unreturned… Kryptonite.

The good news is that there are new people to love and to treasure. No limit to the wonderful people that we can include in our lives. People will come and go. We are meant to–at least, that’s what I’ve been made to understand–though, understand this: Coming and staying is a choice.

I love when wonderful people want to come and stay.


I heart twitter.

Picture 1


HOW NOT TO SUCK: A MODERN GUIDE TO ETIQUETTE is now available on amazon — go get it!

Follow my Path: Taryn Dafoe

Follow my Path.

Now that it’s available for Android users too, there isn’t any reason not to use Path. Like, I’m on it. Helllllllloooooooooooo? LOL. Seriously.

 Follow my Path: Taryn Dafoe


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It started with Humble Beginnings.

Check out my author page on — my book can be purchased there and there is a forum to discuss insights and ask questions.

Giving it a go.

Here are my two most recent social app additions.

Path – I love this. Don’t even ask me if you need it. Just go get it.
Mingle – The jury is out. Not enough people seem to use this often enough that are close to me. With a larger user base, this could be a really addictive app. Like, Grindr… without the sex.

By the way, if you are looking for me on Path, just exclude my middle name.


Broken Petals is a film short directed by Jon YonKandy. We shoot mid-November. I'm thrilled.

Dead Petals

I’m looking very forward to working with director, Jon YonKondy on this film. Our first rehearsal is tonight and I’m counting down the hours.

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