About Maxximillian Dafoe

Maxximillian Dafoe is an American author and screenwriter from Los Angeles, California known for her outrageous humor, new world organization concepts and unforgettable characters. Ambitious desire for social acknowledgment, the rise of economic awareness, emotional transcendence, triumph and revenge are recurring themes.
She is the author of the dystopian fiction series, Mollyville and the Bedtime Stories for the Intellectually Adventurous series, a collection of stand-alone stories for adults which includes the titles Afterlife, a paranormal satire  and Daughter and the Snake, a short horror story.

In her own words

Triumph and revenge are recurring themes because (right now) that's what's bringing me joy. If the stories I write inspire me to laugh out loud as I write them, then I win—even if nobody else does (laugh that is).
Even though some of the issues I raise are provocative, my stories are darkly funny. In life, I've come to welcome humor in unexpected places; it presents itself in my writing in the same way. (Yes, I'm promising you laughs.) In anything I write, my goal is to leave the reader with something worthwhile to take home, a new tool for your mental shed, something to help out, to alleviate and uplift—not just while reading the story but for the long haul. Writing novels has been extremely rewarding for me. I want to spread those good feelings around.
I wrote my first story when I was about 12; I had just discovered Judy Blume. At my primary school, about twice a year, our homeroom teacher would pass out full color catalogs of books for young readers. The catalogues were cheaply printed on thin newspaper but chock full of tiny images of book covers and a brief synopsis for each book. Those were my favorite days at school, but also the days I'd get into trouble; we were supposed to take them home and look at them there, but I could never wait to do that and would have to be told several times to put the catalog away! My mom raised me on her own—I don't know how she did it!—but she still found a way to let me choose all the books I wanted from those catalogs. It was like Christmas when those books finally arrived at school. My book bag would be full to busting with all my new paperback books—it's how I caught the book bug.


Vices: Belgian ales, walks in the mountains, meditation, sushi, pizza (and anything else made with or of cheese)

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